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Alaric is the sixth boss from RayStorm.


A high speed fighter, built with the combat flexibility of the robot in mind. However, due to the complexity of the transformation mechanism, size has been sacrificed to achieve that end. The biggest problem in design was the speed of transformation. Weapons cannot be used during transformation, so it is necessary to transform at high speed to minimize the gap. For this reason, a newly developed inertia reduction device was adopted. However, the production of this inertia reduction device requires a large amount of a special organic substance collected from marine fish (Hamachi), so that only one aircraft has been constructed at present.

When it is in fighter mode, the Buster Launcher becomes a laser cannon that can be fired in front of the fuselage. This laser can only fire the output of the Buster Launcher, so it can fire continuously. In robot mode, it can shoot with a gun equipped in the left hand. When shooting, it can cover a large area thanks to the flexible mobility of the robot. In addition, the laser launcher (MLS*) equipped on the shoulder is capable of simultaneously firing in multiple directions, and if fired simultaneously on both shoulders avoidance is difficult simultaneously on both shoulders.

Eight aircraft are in the construction plan, and each will be armed to suit the area of use.


  • 300mm machine gun x2
  • MLS x2 (* MLS = Multiple Laser System)
  • 300mm handgun x1
  • Buster launcher x1
  • General-purpose type high mobility bit x2