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The Barca Section is an organization featured in RayStorm.


Barca is a research institute secretly established by the Secilia Colonial Assembly in AD 2199. It is then requisitioned by the Secilia Forces and relocated to the Albion Union Special Zone on Earth. The contents of its research are considered to be confidential, and the existence of such research is not officially recognized by the government.

-The following is non-public data-

The Barca Organization is an organization established by the Secilia Colonial Assembly for the purpose of researching overtechnology "LAY" discovered in the Secilia system. Immediately before the completion of basic research and commercialization of the completed technology, all engineers and researchers exiled themselves to Earth with the research results. No one said the reason.

After that, in the Albion Union Special Zone, the "R-GRAY" series and its on-board system were developed. Only 13 R-GRAYs were completed by the time the war broke out, becoming the last hope of the Earth.