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Con-Human is the final boss from RayForce.


Presumably existing at top of the planetary core control tower, it can be said to be a planet itself. It was once a computer for planetary management, but now it has "evolved" into a being regarded as a machine life-form. Attack capability and all other details are unknown.


Con-Human is a system management neuro-network, originally created and implemented in M.C. 00 to regulate the planet's environmental systems and connect all of the planet's computers. However, in M.C. 98 Con-Human's systems began to malfunction as a result from a paradox on its programming caused from trying to find a answer to how humans could achieve immortality. This malfunction resulted in drastic climatic changes around the globe, which would only worsen in the upcoming years.

In M.C. 108, a mecha-neurologist attempts to run a experiment where she connects a human clone with Con-Human's systems. However, this results in the clone's mind entering the network and Con-Human suddenly gaining sentience. Now a fully sapient lifeform, Con-Human reaches the conclusion that humans could only achieve immortality through a fusion of a human's mind with machines, thus requiring that human's bodies were eliminated.

Thus Con-Human began its massacre, turning humanity's military against itself and changing the planet's biosphere to become inhospitable to humanity. By M.C. 120, the planet had became nothing more than Con-Human's body, with the entire crust and nucleus gone and replaced with machinery.