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Frigate is a mid-sized enemy ship found in the first stage of RayForce. It is also the first enemy unit encountered throughout the game.


Primary warship of enemy's strike fleet stationed in the Operation Area 1. Although its offensive strength is inferior compared to the Orbit Defence Fleet's warship, it is highly versatile and has high cruising speed.

The player will encounter three Frigates in stage 1. The Frigate does not make any appearance in other stages.


The Frigate is unable to attack the player from the lower layer, instead each frigate will launch five turreted fighters at player. Once a frigate launches all fighters it will move to the top of the screen at faster pace. The fighter will fly to the same layer as player's and will aim at player and fire its turret as it approaches the player. It will then attempt to leave the screen once it fired a shot.

As the frigate can be taken out by a single lock-on laser shot, it is best to have it locked at the end of the lock-on chain to maximize score its multiplier bonus.