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G.P.M.S.-2 is the fourth boss from RayForce.


A large quadruped walking land-battle weapon existing in the Operation Area 4. Because of its unique appearance, we could not give the code name until the end, but an epithet that someone muttered has been officially adopted (Ground Performed Mad Shell).

Inexplicably, many enemy weapons deployed on the planetary surface or underground have legs. Currently there is no meaning in rough ground runnability, so there are doubts about the equipment of legs. In fact, many legged weapons have significantly reduced mobility by the destruction of their legs, and it becomes easy to defeat them. For this reason, if even just the legs of G.P.M.S.-2 can be destroyed, it is predicted that there is a sufficient possibility to defeat it.

However, explosive plasma mines and homing lasers have high offensive power and it is quite difficult even just to approach.


Leg part[]

  • Length: 130m (estimate)
  • Width: 69m (estimate)
  • Height: 43m (estimate)

Armed part[]

  • Length: 53m (estimate)
  • Weight: 2,600t (estimate)