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Genseric is the fifth boss from RayStorm.


Secilia star system mobile weapon that have been deployed in Carthage Base, for the purpose of defense of the base. Most weapons of this type carry a weapons system developed by the B agency. However, unlike other mobile weapons, this aircraft prioritized heavy armament, so operation in the atmosphere was cut off during development and is dedicated to space warfare. The original plan was to improve mobility in combat due to the deformation, but it was not possible to obtain the expected mobility due to the defect of the deformation mechanism itself. The data obtained during development will be used for the later development of humanoid mobile weapons.


  • Large laser cannon x2
  • guided beam cannon x8
  • photon torpedo hatch x2
  • 300mm machine gun x5
  • 600mm beam cannon x1



  • This boss is named after Genseric, the King of the Vandals who fought the Roman Empire in the 5th century.