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Giga is the third boss from RayForce.


A large aircraft which is the core entity of the enemy air defense system in the planetary atmosphere in Operation Area 3.

Striking ability centered on that anti-aircraft weapon is a threat to descent troops. Since no large-scale landing area have been found on the ground, it seems that it is an aircraft capable of semi-permanent flight. There are several variations depending on the identified object equipped at the tip of the shaft extending downward from the center of the fuselage, such as a anti-mobile-weapon type with hedgehog-like anti-aircraft artillery and anti-warship type with mesotron-cannon.

The one that was photographed this time is an unidentified type, and details of the luminous body at the tip of the shaft are unknown.


  • Length: 130m (estimate)
  • Width: 170m (estimate)
  • Height: 37m (estimate)
  • Weight: 78,000t (estimate)