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Guira-Sol is the second boss from RayForce.


An enemy's defensive satellite floating on the satellite orbit of the mother star, which is Operation Area 2. It is confirmed that it is equipped with a space transfer system and it can be instantly moved to any point within the range of a radius of 400,000 km.

We have suffered much damage by this defensive satellite before now, but in recent years it has been reported that there are weak points in this satellite. The armoring of the airframe disappears for a moment with concentrated attack on the part considered to be the monitoring sensor in the central part of the airframe. As a result of the analysis, it is inferred that the monitoring sensor causes modulation by a strong pulse such as a laser, causing internal discharge and malfunctioning the space transfer system.

If we can concentrate attacks at the moment of this malfunction, it is considered that there is a enough chance to win.


  • Length: 170m (Only upper and lower structure, including artillery) (estimate)
  • Width: 186m (Only upper and lower structure, including artillery) (estimate)
  • Height: 225m (Including artillery and lower structure) (estimate)
  • Weight: 2,708,000t (estimate)
  • Lower structure (space transfer system)
  • Radius of radiation fin:
    • large: 124m (estimate)
    • small: 108m (estimate)