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Infinity is the core of Con-Human's mind and the true last boss from RayCrisis. It appears as a small floating red sphere.


Infinity has a simple pattern, initially alternating between firing two large lasers in opposite directions and scattering bullets while rotating counterclockwise, then stopping at the top of the screen and creating multiple rings which fire thin lasers. After taking enough damage it dives into the background, thus being only vulnerable to Lock-on Lasers, and releases six cross-shaped drones which fire missiles and lasers while the boss scatters bullets. Using Round Dividers at any point during the fight will cause the boss to counterattack with a large, unavoidable killer energy ball.


The following criteria must be met in order to face Infinity

ArcadeN/AEncroachment must be <20%
PlayStationStandard Mode and Original ModeDefeat the entire game with less than 5 continues
AndroidRemix ModeDefeat the entire game with 5 continues or less regardless of Encroachment
AndroidArcade ModeDefeat the entire game with < 5 continues and Encroachment should be < 25%