The Lock-on Laser is a secondary weapon used by all ships in the RAY series, as well as the game's main gameplay mechanic.

Each of the ships has a reticule target a certain distance in front of them, which allows the player to lock-on targets on the background. Once there are locked targets, the player can press the corresponding button to shoot lasers which home onto the locked-on targets.

In RayForce the player can only lock-on onto targets on the background, while subsequent games allow the player to lock-on onto any visible target, even ones on the same plane as the player.


  • AGP-12A charged particle (directional) beam guidance system
  • AML-067 charged particle beam cannon


The attack system installed in RVA-818 X-LAY for objects which are situated below. The pencil beam emitted from the aircraft in all directions locks on the ground object or the rising interceptor as a target, and it guide the charged particle beam to the target.

When the pilot invades the combat airspace, it is necessary to perform two operations. Firstly activate the ECM and lower the altitude to 1000 feet or less. This is to decrease the discovery rate by radar due to the very low air invasion. Secondly select the attack system. If the attack target is a ground object (radar site, airfield, mobile fortress, etc.), the pilot selects the lock-on laser with the weapon changeover switch of the throttle lever. By the above operation, air-to-ground attack by LCOSS (Lead Computing Optical Sight System) becomes possible.

The first advantage of this system is that there is no need to guide the laser after locking. The pilot can take evasive action immediately after laser shot. The second advantage is that the pilot can lock on eight targets at the same time. When the pilot locks on targets to the gun site on the HUD (Head Up Display), regardless of ground objects or aerial objects, shot lights on the instrument panel and markers on the HUD turn on each time lock-on is applied, and it notify the timing to shoot. Thus, it enables not only a pinpoint attack that shoots eight lasers in one target, but also efficient attack on a wide range.

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