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Marius 4R-LASE is an enemy from RayStorm.


  • BSL01 Large Laser Cruiser "Marius Class"
  • Standard amount of discharged hydrogen: 335000T
  • Maximum acceleration capacity: 6G (regular cruising at)
  • Cruising range: 1300AU (no replenishment activity radius)
  • Full length: 1050 m
  • large diameter deflecting laser cannon × 8 (output 50Gw)
  • twin Fusion gun × 1600 (80 Turret group)
  • AA pulsed laser cannon × 800 (40 Turret group)
  • versatile missile 800 guns (40 turrets)

The new flagship battleship of the Earth/Solar Alliance, the colonial planet's fleet was deployed only to the Secilia fleet. It is named after Roman consuls such as Marius and Julius. The Secilia dispatched fleet was seized by the armed uprising of the Secilia Union and used for the Earth invasion operation. In the Earth Invasion Operation, it was put in for the purpose of destroying the automatic attack satellites deployed in the orbit of the Earth satellites. Equipped with 8 large-caliber laser cannons as main weapons. By installing a new type of energy system, it is possible to emit a laser that is nearly three times as powerful as the conventional one. However, although this laser gun was very effective in anti-ship warfare, it is not suitable for combat with small aircraft, and if a powerful ECM is used, there is a possibility that silent air defense guns with 3200 gates will also be silenced.