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Nerva 4R-MISS is an enemy from RayStorm.


  • BSM01 Large Missile Cruiser "Nerva Class"
  • Standard amount of discharged hydrogen: 360000t
  • Maximum acceleration capacity: 5G (during normal navigation)
  • Cruising range: 2100AU (no replenishment activity radius)
  • Full length: 1080m
  • large missile launch tube x 4
  • continuous fusion guns x 1200 (60 turret group)
  • anti-aircraft pulse laser gun x 200 (10 turret group)
  • multi-purpose missile gun x 200 (10 turrets)

It is deployed in the main battleships of the Earth/Solar System Allied Forces and the colonial planetary fleet in various places. It has been used for a long time and is becoming a little outdated. It has shown overwhelming ground control pressure in the suppression of many rebellions, and has been the target of hatred by the people of the colonial planet. It is named after Roman emperors such as Nerva and Hadrian, but the people of the colonial planets call it Nero, Caligula and other tyrants.

Along with a laser ship in the armed uprising of the Secilia Union, it was taken by the Secilia Union and put into an operation for earth invasion. The purpose of this ship is a missile attack from the satellite orbit to the ground. Even in this era when energy weapons became the mainstream, missile ships that could be used for various purposes by changing the warhead were indispensable. However, this ship, which was aimed at a missile attack on the ground, is vulnerable to other attack and defense systems, and is often placed behind the center of the fleet.