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Operation Meteor is the name of the first military operation carried out by the Outer Planet Allied Forces to destroy Con-Human, which ended in failure.

Operation Meteor[]

Unfortunately the first round of the battle ended in our defeat. For reference, we will report the details of this first strategy.

Operation Summary[]

  • First Stage: A large nuclear pulse engine is installed on the exoplanet's satellite, accelerated, and dropped onto the enemy planet.
  • Second Stage: We will destroy the enemy fleet forces with our main fleet by piercing the enemy's command system confused by the collision of the satellite.
  • Third Stage: After losing the fleet strength and breaking through the confused enemy defense line, it descends to the planet and destroys the "system" existing in the core.

Results of the Operation[]

  • Before the satellite fell to the planet, most of its mass was crushed by the melee bombardment of the enemy fleet, part of it fell into the satellite's orbit, and the other part fell to the planet. However, it didn't cause much damage.
  • The enemy orbital fleet gathered faster than expected, and we lost 70% of our main fleet due to its overwhelming attack power.