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Operation RayForce is the name of the military operation carried out by the Outer Planet Allied Forces to destroy Con-Human and the main subject of the gameplay from RayForce. All text is taken from the game's Sega Saturn manual.

Operation RayForce[]

Presently, the Con-Human System ("System" from now on) continues to produce military arms. Its war-making capacity is a wonder not only to us, but to every form of living thing.

Due to the repeated Annihilation Tactics of the Enemy Fleet, the human race's available emigration sphere is gradually disappearing. Mankind's only hope for survival is to destroy the System and save our home planet.

The First Strategic Assault[]

The enemy unfortunately defeated us in our recently conducted First Strategic Assault. Development, thereafter, is targeted to "The Second Strategic Assault", shown below.

The Second Strategic Assault[]

The Second Strategic Assault is designed to break through the Enemy Fleet's fighting power employing the small number of ships remaining in our fleet after the last failed battle.

At this moment, our available fleet is gathering 400000 Km to the rear of our home planet's ring-shaped asteroid system. Near the "ring" (Area-1), the enemy's Most Forward defensive base is under construction; breaking through this base seems relatively easy.

The true challenge lies beyond the initial break through. Since the conclusion of our First Strategic Assault the Orbiting Enemy Fleet has orbited around a gigantic lump of rock (Area-2), thereby forming a long-range satellite outpost.

Our strategy is to actually employ a landing operation, by having the remainder of our fleet deliver a feint to the Enemy's Fleet with our highly mobile small-sized weapons.

  • The First Step: Send the remainder of the fleet to Area-2. Then distribute ECM at high concentration to confuse the enemy's Command System.
  • The Second Step: Multiply the confusion at Area-2 by invading from Area-1 with our small, highly mobile weapons. After passing the ring, continue around the side of the confused Enemy's Orbiting Fleet; then our fleet can land on our home planet.
  • The Third Step: After breaking through the enemy's defensive line, which is confused and has lost its fighting capabilities as a fleet, advance towards the planet and destroy the System in the core.

In order to succeed with our plan, we will have to reduce the size of our landing fleet while increasing the power of our assaulting weapons. For this reason, our plan calls for the use of the prototype all-round fighter (RVA-818 X-LAY), which is being developed in the code-named "Project RayForce".

Although RVA-818 X-LAY is still experimental, its mobility has been tested, and its main fighting system, "Lock-on Laser", has been simulated. The results prove that X-LAY can fight by itself. This fighter is considered capable and ready for actual battle.

During our landing operation, we intend to attack the enemy with the two RVA-818 X-LAYs that are in working condition.