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Pro-Tor is a huge antibody that guards Intelligence Part and Consideration Part. It takes shape of a large quadrapedal mech.


After making a rather dramatic entrance, Pro-Tor starts attacking with two of three possible combination of these patterns: dense bullet patterns from its leg fins, cluster five-way projectiles from its torso or missiles from each of its shoulders.

After a while it will deploy a pair of satellite from its torso, they fires destructible bullets in spiral pattern, the left satellite fires in clockwise direction while the right one fires in counter-clockwise direction. Next both satellites swaps place and fires long rectangular projectiles in counter-clockwise direction. The satellites will be recalled back after repeating this pattern two more times should the player don't destroy them. In Special Mode, the Pro-Tor fought at Intelligence Part only deploys one satellite instead of two.

After the satellites are destroyed or returned to boss' body, player ship will move away from Pro-Tor and the boss will unleash a series of long range explosive attacks aimed at player's position. The attacks are marked with red symbol on screen so player can anticipate its attacks beforehand. Once this attack pattern is finished, Pro-Tor will repeat the first attack pattern combination.

Should Intelligence Part or Consideration Part selected as the first selectable stage (or at Intelligence Part of Special Mode), the fight is done once Pro-Tor's torso is destroyed. However if either level is played as third or later stage it still can keep up even after its torso is destroyed. Player ship will start circling around it while the near-dead boss constantly launches homing lasers and energy spheres that fires laser spread. Keep dodging and it shouldn't take more than four or five WR-01R's Hyper Laser shots or its equivalent to finish it for good.