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R-Gear is a playable spacecraft exclusively available in RayStorm HD.


R-Gear was developed before Barca Section started researching "RAY" overtechnology. Its primary armament is a pair of detachable laser cannons on the upper fuselage called "GEAR". When detached, the GEARs will automatically seek out and destroy the locked target. As the mass production of R-Gray series uses spare parts of this ship, the R-Gear bears some visual resemblance to the R-Gray series.

GEAR's control system is said to have been incorporated into R-Gray series' "AX-11 Radar Fire Control System" which controls the lock-on laser targeting. So far the system only able to control two GEARs simultaneously as only two GEARs can be installed in a single craft due to its bulky size.

As R-Gear doesn't comes equipped with the Cybernetics Link System, it can be manned by an ordinary pilot. The R-Gear is equipped with unlimited mode as its special function that unleashes the ship's maximum potential, however only a few pilots can withstand it so that it's only can be operated within short duration.


from Raystorm HD website[1]


  • The ship is named in honor of the cancelled follow-up to RayForce, R-Gear.
  • The ship may be loosely inspired by WR-03 in terms of unorthodox play style and armaments (namely both having homing missiles for normal shot)
  • GEAR's functionality resembles "bit"/"funnel" type weapons commonly found on mecha anime/video games that allows its user to perform remote all-range attack