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RAY-RAY CD-ROM is a promotional/omake CD containing promotional materials and other goodies for RayStorm and Taito's racing game Ray Tracers.


RAY-RAY CD-ROM root menu


  • Garage
Essentially a model viewer which lets you view 3D models of player ships and bosses complete with animated/movable parts. The following objects are available to view:
  1. R-Gray 1
  2. R-Gray 2
  3. Pendragon
  4. Vercingetorix
  5. Zenobia
  6. Hannibal
  7. Genseric
  8. Alaric
  9. Spartacus
  10. Yggdrasil
  • CG Gallery
The CG Gallery contains 20 images in total, 15 of which are CG renders of R-Gray 1 and the last 5 are official cover/poster arts and menu wallpapers found in the console port.
  • Music Gallery
Sound test menu, allows you to listen to sound effects used in-game and a single medley soundtrack "RAYSTORM MEDLEY".
  • Movie


The movie section contains three playable videos
  1. Trailer for home release of RayStorm
  2. CG movie showcasing CG close-up view of R-Gray 1
  3. A demo reel of the unreleased R-Gear
Additional wallpapers and text materials such as enemy/boss unit profile can be accessed directly from PC

Ray Tracers[]

  • Character profile including voice test
  • Gallery viewer
  • Concept Arts
  • Music test which lets you play 11 music tracks from the game
Additional wallpapers and character voice samples can be accessed directly from PC

RayStorm Gallery[]