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This is the official timeline of events from RayForce, as taken from the game's Sega Saturn manual. It also takes into consideration the events of RayCrisis as detailed in the game's ending.


  • M.C. -25: The System which connects all computer networks in the world is completed. Various researchers, institutions and information sources become unified as science advances enormously.
  • M.C. -16: The theory of "Creating Through Artificial Atomic Reconfiguration" is completed. In an effort to apply the theory to practice, construction begins on the Grand Substance Creation System Plant.
  • M.C. 00: "Creating Through Artificial Atomic Reconfiguration", A.T.B.S., is sytematized. It allows the human race to convert unwanted substances into useful substances. Problems pertaining to natural resources which have been in dispute since the beginning of human history are now virtually solved. A.T.B.S. and System management Neuro-Network, "Con-Human", are further used to solve many additional problems and portend further advancement for mankind. Everyone begins to believe that mankind is at its peak of creation as a result of this system. It is even decided that a new calendar will be introduced in appreciation of the mechanical civilization: the year of M.C., Machine Century, commences.
  • M.C. 13: Operations to colonize outer planets begin. At the same time, the Outer Planet Allied Forces is established.
  • M.C. 54: Probing Operation to Fixed Star System begins.
  • M.C. 98: Probing Operation has accomplished its mission and probing ships start to return home. During this year, Con-Human's system mysteriously starts to breakdown
    • A malfunction by the artificial weather control system is first observed. a lot of damage is done due to the resulting climatic disaster.
    • Criticism arises from some quarters regarding the design of the basic software which alone runs the system of the standalone cerebral-oriented computer. However, the majority of the public believes in Con-Human blindly, and such criticism is never taken seriously.
  • M.C. 105: The abnormality finally reaches the Atmospheric Control System. The composition of the Earth's air starts to change gradually.
  • M.C. 108: One day, Con-Human suddenly refuses to be operated or commanded by human beings. Silently, the Con-Human massacre starts. The human army resists valiantly, but the military forces of the human race are overwhelmingly dependent on the System's operation (Con-Human). In fact, the military capabilities of mankind have become so obsolete that resistance is inconsequential.
    • The human population fell to just 0.2 percent of its original figure of some 13 billion to reach a figure of only 26 million souls. Mankind, which had survived and escaped complete control by the network by executing the emergency code on the system, had been forced to leave the ravaged surface of the planet and to hide instead in underground cities.
    • The remaining humans decided to begin a plan for the colonization of the outer planets with the aid of the Outer Planet Allied Forces. After gaining control of the skies from Con-Human, mankind began to leave behind its mother planet. Every man, woman, and child on the planet had decided to escape.
  • M.C. 120: The System is now changing the environment to match its own needs: an oxygen content of less than 0.0001% and an average year-round temperature of -10 degrees Celsius are created. In a most brutal environment for human kind, the System's merciless genocide continues.
  • M.C. 123: The humans discovered that Con-Human had begun recreating the planet from its very center. Below the surface of the planet the planet's crust and the underlying magma layer no longer existed; in its place the only things which could be found were a metallic frame and the sounds of power furnaces.
  • M.C. 130: Finally, for the first time in human history, a mass exodus of human beings from the planet commences. The Outer Planet Allied Forces, the only ones that are not bound by Con-Human's operation, start to smuggle people off the planet. Some people have moved to a nearby planet where air is lacking, while some others become space gypsies.
    • After a long battle of 20 years and regaining the skies, mankind escaped from its birthplace in 500 colonization ships built in past years and 260 orbital vessels which had escaped from the rule of Con-Human.
    • Yet many humans unable to leave the planet chose to fight instead and regain control of their mother planet. Those who chose to fight were faced with a fearsome struggle for their continued existence against the evolving and awesome powers of the Con-Human system.
  • M.C. 165: "Theory of consistency between organic and inorganic" was announced. Development of mobile weapons which applied it was started secretly inside the military.
  • M.C. 180: It has been half a century since human beings have lived on a terrain bordering on uninhabitable, with darkness covering space. But they can never live too far from their homelands. Nostalgia, regret, despair... People are tied to such sentiments, to the Fixed Star System.
    • Meanwhile, the planet is still evolving. The vector of evolution is being directed towards destruction, whereas under the Earth's previous master, man, advancement was the chosen direction. Con-Human's destructiveness is reaching the extreme and the human race is on the verge of extinction.
  • M.C. 183: Having judged that the very existence of the Con-Human system posed a threat to all forms of life, mankind decided to utterly destroy its mother planet. Although this led to Operation Meteor, (the first plan to destroy the planet), the venture ended in the destruction of 70 percent of the attacking fleets.
  • M.C. 185: A neuro-scientist manages to separate the human clone from the Con-Human computer environment.
    • At last, pouring over every possible military option available to mankind, the human race is about to execute a strategic assault to take back their home planet from the enemy.

<M.C. 180 is extracted from "Machinery Century's Redemption" by Meistronof E. Neuman.>