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Spartacus is the penultimate boss from RayStorm.


16 quantum computer system that surround the Central System in a spherical shape. Each is the defense mechanism of the central system and also the control system of the neuronetwork. The corridor leading to Juda has become a strict interception system with multiple layers of air defense, making it extremely difficult to enter. In addition, the subsystem itself is programmed to carry out an attack from the position where it exists (final defense line) without considering the damage to allies and facilities. The tactics of using all the weapons and piercing the invaders in a semi-enclosed space tell us that this is the final line of defense.


  • Laser turret × 1
  • guided laser gun × 4
  • Self-propelled anti-aircraft gun × 4
  • Mine ejection catapult × 2



  • This boss is named after Spartacus a Roman slave and gladiator who led a revolt against Rome in 72 BC.