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Taito Legends 2 is a compilation of various arcade games developed by Taito Corporation including RayForce and RayStorm. It was released for Playstation 2, Microsoft Xbox and Windows PC. Like its predecessor, this compilation has been derived from the Japan exclusive Taito Memories series.

Game List[]

The compilation consists of 39 games in which some games are either PS2 version exclusive (i.e RayStorm) or PC/Xbox version exclusive (i.e RayForce)

  • Alpine Ski
  • Arabian Magic
    • Balloon Bomber (PS2 exclusive)
  • Bonze Adventure
    • Bubble Symphony (Xbox and PC exclusive)
    • Cadash (Xbox and PC exclusive)
  • Cameltry
  • Chack 'n Pop
  • Cleopatra Fortune
  • Crazy Balloon
  • Darius Gaiden
  • Don Doko Don
  • Dungeon Magic (or Light Bringer)
  • Elevator Action Returns
  • Football Champ
  • Front Line
    • G Darius (PS2 exclusive)
  • Gekirindan
  • Grid Seeker
  • Growl
  • Gun Frontier
  • Insector X
  • Kiki Kaikai
  • Kuri Kinton
  • Liquid Kids
  • Lunar Rescue
  • Metal Black
  • Nastar
    • Pop 'n Pop (Xbox and PC exclusive)
  • Puchi Carat
  • Puzzle Bobble 2
  • Qix
  • Ramais
  • Space Invaders '95
  • Space Invaders DX
  • Super Space Invaders '91
    • Syvalion (PS2 exclusive)
  • The Fairyland Story
  • The Legend of Kage
  • Violence Fight
  • Wild Western

In Taito Memories series, RayStorm is a part of Taito Memories Gekan (2005) while RayForce is a part of Taito Memories II Joukan (2007)


  • Taito Legends 2 used menu item selection and menu confirmation sound effects from RayStorm albeit their use were swapped. (i.e RayStorm's menu confirm sound is used for menu selection)