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Vercingetorix is the second boss from RayStorm.


The so-called "Ultimate Aerial Battleship" of the bygone era when gigantic airships known as "Aerial Battleships" once ruled the skies. However it was never deployed into actual combat decades since its construction, resulting in its armaments being outdated and outmatched by more modern counterparts.

To address its weakness, the airship was refitted with several new weapons including four homing laser arrays underneath its wings and a pair of laser turrets. Due to the excessive energy usage from the newly equipped weapons, the ship borrows a power plant from space battleship. The power plant also capable of generating a field in front of the ship that helps reducing drag from air resistance.

With sufficient energy, the ship now can unleash both of its homing lasers and laser cannons simultaneously, which supposed to have enough combined firepower to bring down even the largest target in a matter of seconds. Aside that the lasers also can be used against smaller fighters which are the bane of aerial battleships. Thanks to these modifications, the "Ultimate Aerial Battleship" can now finally live up to its title.


  • Laser cannons x2
  • 300mm machine guns x4
  • Homing laser arrays x4
  • (arcade mode exclusive) Mine dispenser x1
  • (Extra mode exclusive) Afterburner x4



  • This boss is named after Vercingetorix, a king/warlord from Gaul who fought the Romans during the last phase of Julius Caesar's Gallic Wars.
  • In RayStorm HD it has its engines aligned horizontally instead of vertically. Moreover it has six engines instead of four.