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Yggdrasil is the final boss from RayStorm.


The name of the control body assumed to exist at the deepest part of the central system. It is unknown what actually exists in the center of the system. Only the codename Yggdrasil (Sekaiju) has been confirmed.


  • Unmanned support attack aircraft (Garm) × 4
  • Burst bomb ejection port × 4
  • Induction laser ejection port × 4
  • Shield generator × 4
  • Laser blade projectile ejection port × 1
  • Search laser ejection port × 4
  • Photon torpedo ejection port × 4
  • Diffuse laser battery turret × 8
  • Core (center part) x 1



  • This boss is named after the World Tree from Norse mythology.
  • It is the only boss in the game to not reference the Roman Empire in its name.