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Zenobia is the third boss from RayStorm.


Zenobia is the largest mobile weapon ever built by the Earth Allied Force. It was also the first to field equipment and armaments developed by the Barca Section and would became the basis of a similar mobile weapon developed in the future.

The mobile weapon was originally developed for planetary defense purpose, however it was seized by the Secilia Federation army as soon they took over the Earth.

Surprisingly, despite its gigantic size the Zenobia only requires two crews to operate; a pilot and a fire control officer/WSO. Unfortunately due to its complex operations the crews has to be specially handpicked from the most experienced fighter pilots, and requires two years of training - all of which costs more than the mobile weapon's development cost alone. Only four Zenobias were made, but as they lacked of qualified crew members only one craft has seen actual combat.


  • Large laser cannon x1
  • Homing laser arrays x6
  • Radar-guided air-to-air missiles x70, mounted internally
  • 300mm machine guns ×2
  • Aerial mine dispenser x6

(not mentioned in the specifications)

  • Spread laser cannon x2, one each "arm"